vendredi 12 février 2016


Jovi releases his new song “Mongshung” produced by Le Monstre. Fresh out of the frying pan and into the fryer. With the increase in popularity of social media comes the increasing pressure to look happy, wealthy, and desirable. “Mongshung” addresses the fakeness that exists in today’s society and rings true throughout various cultures. Jovi’s new song explains that most of what we see today, whether in pictures or videos, or posts, is not really what is seems. With humor and punchlines, Jovi raps in French about how people today try to portray themselves in the most favorable light, whether it be renting jets for a video shoot or borrowing luxury bags from a friend to take a selfie, but it’s all “Mongshung” (deception). With his polished signature electro-trap fusion, Le Monstre combines round, punchy bass, with lilting guitar lines, and electronic accents, to create a genre of hip hop that is uniquely African.
Listen to “Mongshung” below!